Energy Department

Utility Assistance and Weatherization Programs

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded program that assists low-income households with utility assistance programs and weatherization services designed to reduce heating and cooling costs and improve the energy efficiency of a home, while safeguarding the health and safety of the household. These services are available throughout Imperial and San Diego Counties. There are two separate utility assistance programs available. The determination as to which program an applicant will utilize will be determined based on the applicant’s circumstances. The dollar amount awarded is the same for either program.

HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)

HEAP assists clients who are in need of help in paying their electric or gas bill. Clients determine which bill they will be assisted with. The amount of assistance is based on household income and size. Clients supply information that will be used to determine an established benefit amount which will appear as a credit on the clients’ bill. If the bill is included in the clients rent, the client receives a check in the benefit amount. HEAP may pay for a portion of the energy bill in the form of a dual or single party warrant or a direct payment to a utility company.

ECIP or F/T (Energy Crisis Intervention Program or Fast Track)

ECIP F\T assists clients who are in crisis of having their electric or gas service disconnected or that their electric or gas has been disconnected. Clients whose utilities are included in their rent DO NOT qualify for ECIP/FT. ECIP/FT pledges are called into the appropriate utility company indicating an application has been processed with the pledge amount to postpone or stop the pending loss of service. If the service is already disconnected utility company will be notified of clients pledge amount in order to have their services re-connected.

— Funding is limited —
— These are one-time assistance payment programs. —

Weatherization Program

Weatherization services are available to home owners, mobile home owners, condo owners, as well as renters . If the applicant is a renter the owner’s authorization is required for weatherization services.
Weatherization services are measures applied to a home to assist in making the home more comfortable as well as hopefully assist in lowering the monthly electric and gas bills.

HVAC (Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning)

HVAC services are also available to home owners, mobile home owners, condo owners as well as renters of homes, condos, mobile homes and apartments. HVAC services pertain to hot water heaters, inside the home heaters and air conditioning units. Inside the home heaters may receive a clean and tune, repair or replacement, based on the evaluation of the heaters. The same is true of hot water heaters and air conditioning units. The ability to repair or replace any of the units is based on an assessment and available funding.

  • This program provides the following services:
  • – Weather-Stripping – Low Flow Showerheads
    – Caulking – Faucet Aerators
    – Attic Insulation – Duct Testing and Sealing
    – Switch & Outlet Gaskets – Door – Door Replacements
    – Glass Replacement – Window Replacement
    – Combustion Air Ventilation CAST Testing
    – CO Detectors – Thermostats
    – Exhaust Venting – Duct Repair & Replacement
    – Blower Door Testing – Smoke Detectors
    – Higher Limits on Doors, Windows and Minor Home Repair
    – Refrigerator Replacement based on guidelines and results from testing

PY 2017 Income Guidelines

Checklist Of Mandatory Documents For LIHEAP

Energy Intake Form CSD 43 English

Energy Intake Form CSD 43 Español

Priority is given to families with the lowest incomes and highest energy burden, to people age 60 and over, those permanently disabled, and to families with children under five years of age.

Eligibility is based on the household’s gross income over the past 12 months. Household income cannot exceed 60% of the State Median Income Level.

Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP)

Together with the Gas Company and San Diego Gas & Electric, Campesinos Unidos, Inc., provides Energy Savings Assistance Programs throughout Imperial, Riverside and San Diego Counties to provide energy-saving improvements to assist families conserve energy. These improvements are provided to eligible tenants and homeowners who are customers of these utility companies within their respective areas.

ESAP 2016 Income Guidelines
  • ESAP Services May Include:
  • – Attic insulation
    – Door weatherstripping
    – Caulking
    – Water heater blankets
    – Low flow showerheads
    – Minor home repairs
    – Limited appliance repair or replacement (owner-occupied only)
    – Other valuable saving measures (as available)

Information and Referrals

We also provide referral phone numbers for other agencies who assist with various services for the low-income and/or vulnerable population.

Documentation Required

– Valid CA picture Drivers License or ID
– Valid Social Security card or proof of Social Security number
– Verification of total gross (before taxes) household income ( 6 weeks prior to intake date)
– Copies of current utility bill showing last 4 weeks of usage
– Verification of home ownership for weatherization
– Renters will need the owner’s name and phone number

For assistance, please call: Imperial County: 1-800-371-1005
                                                                               (760) 344-4500
                                             San Diego County: (619) 391-9790 WX
                                                                               (619) 391-9790 Utility Assistance

All services are provided at No-Cost!